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Aarambh Prabhu Lekhraj Smart School

Aarambh Prabhu Lekhraj Smart School (APL) is established in the fond memory of Late Shri. Lekhraj Kukreja, a philanthropist and Managed by the Member of Ramjanki Prabandhak Trust Under the Guidance of Shree Shree 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Kanhaiya Prabhu Nand Giri ji Maharaj, dedicated to the noble cause of education of children, especially of the marginalized and underprivileged sections of the society.

The school aims to impart education that leads to the harmonious development of the all round personality of a child and making them fully realistic and truly modern. Located in the rural area, the school imparts Modern Free of Cost Education along with Sports & other extracurricular activities.

Shri. Lekhraj Kukreja

(1945 - 2007)

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Let's build a better world together

Empowering the future generation to contribute to the welfare of the community

More About Aarambh Prabhu Lekhraj Smart School (APL)

Lifting Up the Next Generation

Founder and Manager of Aarambh Prabhu Lekhraj (APL) Smart Sri Sri 1008 Jyotishcharya Mahamandaleshwar Kanhaiya Prabhu Ji Maharaj alias Barauli Baba Ji provided free education to the needy children along with uniforms, notebooks and books for free Har Har Mahadev Jai Bhawani

Prabhu Lekhraj (APL) Smart initiative for needy children school will give free education Come, take advantage of this Mahayagya of education. Astrologer Mahamandaleshwar Kanhaiya Prabhu Ji Maharaj alias (Barauli Baba) Har Har Mahadev Jai Bhawani

Swami ji, a revered spiritual leader, was granted 13 acres of land at no cost, thanks to the presence of a 130-year-old temple on the property. This generous act reflects the deep cultural and religious significance of the temple to the community. Swami ji is likely to use the land for the benefit of the temple and the surrounding area, fostering a sense of community and promoting spiritual growth. This gift of land is a testament to the value placed on religious and cultural heritage in the region, and highlights the importance of preserving historic sites and structures for future generations.

  • Thank you for your ongoing efforts to promote social responsibility and for being a role model to us all. Your contributions are invaluable.

Shaping Tomorrow's Citizens with a Holistic Approach to Education

A school is a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside. This is because the destiny of man is shaped in the class room of the school. Today's children will be tomorrow's citizen. Present education needs to make a holistic approach bridging the past, present and future requirements. At inspiration we are committed to the pursuit of excellence. It is our goal to establish and maintain positive, friendly environment which focuses on the development of higher-level cognitive skills, positive attitude and co-operative spirit.

Our young people deserve the best quality of teaching and learning in a safe, happy, calm and disciplined environment. We expect the best from our students both in terms of work and behaviour in order to help them to meet their aspiration to be active and competent citizens of tomorrow. We seek to personalize their individual needs. Our ultimate aim is to groom the students in a comprehensive learning environment. It is our belief that with the co-operation of parents, students and staff our goals can be achieved. We look forward to the brightest future of our students at inspiration.

Shaping the Future of Learning at Aarambh Prabhu Lekhraj Smart School

Education needs a metamorphosis. If we don't change the direction of education, we are likely to end up nowhere. If we want to shape a new education then technology can prove to be the biggest companion. All contemporary. Teachers need to be able to differentiate between 'teaching about technology' and 'teaching with technology'.

By infusing technology into classroom environment teachers can engage students in new ways and enhance the learning process. From 'old teaching tradition' to 'e-learning' the world of education has gone a sea change.

We at Aarambh Prabhu Lekhraj Smart School as developed to help our students to master the expanding horizons of technology, awareness, academic excellence and globe perspective, as also to become a master of a deep commitment to Moral values, Indian ethos and culture, so as to develop them into a true global citizen and the even better human being.

Our Team

Maina Devi


Swati Yadav

Nursery In-charge


LKG In-charge

Anju Rawat

UKG In-charge

Jagriti Kashyap

Science Teacher

Jitendra Saroj

Math Teacher

Kamlesh paswan

Social Studies

Praveen Kumar

English Teacher

Suman Saroj

Hindi Teacher

Kanchan Saroj

Sanskrit Teacher

Abhishek Rawat

Sports and Computer instructor

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